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About Kim

Environmentalist / Photographer / Conservationist

​Kim Herzog is a Minnesota artist who specializes in wildlife and landscape photography. Her passion for capturing the raw beauty of our planet takes her to the far corners of the Earth. She has waded with grizzlies in Alaska, shared a blueberry breakfast with caribou in Denali National Park, laid down under the mighty sequoias, photographed the canyons and night sky in the Navajo Nation, canoed with loon families in the Apostle Islands of Lake Superior, witnessed  northern lights in the Minnesota BWCA and captured on camera big red kangaroos in Australia. She shares the message of conservation and protection of all species through images which tell their own story. Her goal is to encourage a curiosity of our natural world that can lead to a better understanding of how to coexist with all species.Her field ethics are simply first do no harm and leave nothing but footprints. You can contact her at 

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